The 1-Week Ringworm Treatment

#1 doctor recommended* LamisilAT is a full prescription-strength ringworm treatment for adults and children aged 12 and over. It contains terbinafine, a leading antifungal medication. To treat ringworm, use the same LamisilAT products that are used to treat athlete's foot.

LamisilAT cures most ringworm 4X faster than LotriminAF.

Ringworm treatment - how to get rid of ringworm

*Based on Source Healthcare Analytics 2017 data.

†Based on directions for use. LotriminAF is a registered trademark of MSD Consumer Care, Inc.

How LamisilAT Works as a Ringworm Treatment

how to treat ringworm with LamisilAT Cream

Apply LamisilAT once a day as directed.

Wash the affected area with warm water and a mild soap. Afterwards, dry thoroughly. Apply a thin layer of LamisilAT Cream to fully cover the infected and adjacent area. To avoid infecting other areas of your body, always wash your hands after applying the treatment. Apply morning or night.±


LamisilAT Cream stops the fungus that causes jock itch

With proper use, all itching, burning and the ring-shaped rash will subside.

LamisilAT Cream is fungicidal, which means it actively works to kill the fungus that causes ringworm and not just inhibit its growth like some other treatments. Symptoms may improve after a few days but stopping ringworm treatment early could cause symptoms to reappear.

Treat jock itch for 7 days to kill the fungus and prevent recurrance

Continue your treatment for the full 7 days even if symptoms are gone.

LamisilAT Cream continues to work beyond the 7 days of treatment. It is an antifungal cream for ringworm that is formulated to stay in the skin and fight your ringworm infection until it is fully gone. Stopping treatment early could cause ringworm symptoms to reappear.

±See Drug Facts for detailed application information.

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How to Treat Ringworm

LamisilAT Cream contains the active ingredient terbinafine which is fungicidal. It is formulated to stay in the skin and kill the fungus that causes the ringworm infection, not just stop it from growing.

With proper use of LamisilAT Cream, the symptoms of ringworm — such as the redness and itch — should improve after a few days. However, don’t assume your ringworm is cured just because your symptoms start to disappear.

Stick with the treatment for the full 7 days, even if your symptoms disappear, to avoid ringworm returning.

LamisilAT Cream keeps working even after you finish your 7-day treatment^, fighting the fungal infection and helping prevent ringworm from returning*.

Follow our tips to prevent ringworm from reoccurring.

^ Fungicidal levels measured in skin up to 4 days (Lamisil Spray), up to 7 days (Lamisil Cream and Gel) after end of treatment and up to 13 days (Lamisil Once) after application.
 *up to 3 months (Lamisil Once and Cream) up to 2 months (Lamisil Gel and Spray)

Ringworm Treatment Options

Use as directed

LamisilAT Cream

Full prescription strength. Proven to cure most athlete's foot with 1-week of treatment.*

*When used as directed.

Use as directed

LamisilAT Spray

The only 1-week (twice-a-day) athlete's foot spray. Liquid spray for easy, no-touch application.

Use as directed

LamisilAF Defense Spray Powder

Relieves ringworm symptoms while absorbing wetness.