The 1 Week
Ringworm Treatment

#1 Doctor Recommended* LamisilAT® is a full prescription strength ringworm treatment for ages 12 and over. It contains terbinafine, a leading antifungal medication. Use the same LamisilAT® products for athlete’s foot to treat ringworm.

LamisilAT® cures most ringworm 4X Faster than LotriminAF®†.

*Based on Source Healthcare Analytics 2014 Data
Based on directions for use. LotriminAF is a registered trademark of MSD Consumer Care, Inc.

How LamisilAT® Works to Cure Ringworm

Why it's Important to Stick with Ringworm Treatment

Don’t assume your ringworm is gone just because your symptoms start to get better or even disappear. Without proper use, you run the risk of having your ringworm come back. Stick with the treatment for the full 7 days even if your symptoms disappear. LamisilAT® keeps working even after you finish treatment.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Preventing Ringworm

DO: Wash up often! Shower immediately after contact sports and wash hands frequently to avoid infection.

DON’T: Share towels, personal items or athletic equipment.

DO: Wear clean, dry clothes. Breathable materials and loose fitting clothing will help keep you dry and can prevent chafing.

DON’T: Touch infected pets or animals. Ringworm looks like a patch of discolored or missing fur on animals. If you do touch a pet with ringworm, wash your hands immediately and thoroughly.

LamisilAT® Ringworm Treatment Options

LamisilAT® Cream

Full Prescription strength. Proven to cure ringworm with one week of treatment.

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LamisilAT® Spray

Full Prescription strength. Proven to cure ringworm with one week of treatment.

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LamisilAF Defense®
Spray Powder

Relieves symptoms while absorbing wetness.

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LamisilAT® Athlete’s Foot
Treatment Options

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