The 1-Week Athlete's Foot Treatment*

#1 doctor recommended** LamisilAT® is a full prescription-strength treatment that contains terbinafine, a leading antifungal medication.

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*For athlete's foot between the toes using LamisilAT® Cream and Spray.

**Based on Source Healthcare Analytics 2017 data.

How LamisilAT® Works to Cure Athlete's Foot

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Apply LamisilAT® Cream twice a day as directed.

Wash and dry your feet thoroughly. Use a thin layer of the cream to fully cover the area.            

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With proper use, all itching, burning, and cracking subsides.

LamisilAT® is fungicidal, which means it works to kill the fungi- not just inhibit the growth like some other treatments. Stopping treatment early could cause athlete's foot symptoms to reappear.

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Treat for 7 days (even if symptoms are gone).

LamisilAT® continues to work beyond the 7 days of treatment. Terbinafine, a powerful active ingredient, is formulated to stay in the skin and fight your infection until it is gone.

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Why It's Important to Stick With Your Athlete's Foot Treatment

Don't assume your athlete's foot is gone just because your symptoms start to disappear. Without proper treatment, your athlete's foot will likely return. Stick with the treatment for the full 7 days even if your symptoms disappear. LamisilAT® keeps working even after you finish treatment, fighting the infection and helping prevent it from returning for up to 3 months.


Athlete's Foot Treatment Options

Lamisil Athletes Foot Cream Package

Use as directed.

LamisilAT® Cream

Full prescription strength. Proven to cure most athlete's foot with 1-week of treatment.*

*When used as directed.

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Lamisil Athletes Foot Spray

Use as directed.

LamisilAT® Spray

The only 1-week (twice-a-day) athlete's foot spray. Liquid spray for easy, no-touch application.

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Lamisil Athletes Foot Defense Spray Powder

Use as directed.

LamisilAF Defense® Spray Powder

Relieves symptoms while absorbing wetness.

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